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I ABSOLUTELY HATE GRASS WEAR IN ANIMAL CROSSING CITY FOLK!! For those not in the know, it's SUPPOSED to create natural paths in your town where you walk regularly, but all it really does in practice is COMPLETELY RUIN YOUR FUCKING TOWN BY TURNING IT INTO A DESERT!! Each town can have up to four players each living in their own house (allegedly, at least), but because the game wears away the grass each fucking time it's loaded in one day (and I know why; someone at Nintendo didn't like the possibility of "save scumming" and decided to make damn sure your life would be Hell On Earth if you tried it---) but only regrows grass ONCE EACH DAY, no ,matter how many times it's loaded, your town eventually looks like COMPLETE FUCKING SHIT. Did I mention that the grass ONLY regrows on days you actually load the fucking town, but will wear down for each day that passes, whether you play or not? So if you go to summer camp for three months or otherwise put down the fucking game for an extended period of time, when you come back, ALL THE FUCKING GRASS WILL BE GOOOONE. The only way to speed up grass re-growth, and slow down the rate of wear, is to plant flowers ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE, which you then have to water every single goddam day. I've been doing this for the past two and a half years of my life, and the only reason I haven't gone absolutely out of my fucking mind is because you only NEED to water the flowers that are wilted (which means brown or black-looking) to prevent their death. Also, rain is SUPPOSED to water your flowers for you, but the devs even fucked that up (deliberately, no question about it). It only rains in the summer, or at specific times of day (usually the early morning), and if you miss it because you can't play that early, IT DOESN'T FUCKING COUNT. It's supposed to water your flowers if it rains in the city, BUT YOU HAVE TO RIDE THE BUS BACK FOR IT TO COUNT, and if it wasn't raining when you got to the city, but then STARTED raining, guess what? Yeah, it doesn't fuuuucking cooooount.---- If I eve find out who designed this fucking feature, I swear to God, I will stab him in his vital organs with six-inch thorns from his own fucking roses until he is DEAD. COMPLETELY.---- I'm convinced my time in Hell will be spent watering flowers forever and wearing retarded aprons while singing sweet little songs about rainbows and unicorns. On the other hand, I may go to Heaven, in which case my time will be spent lopping off the heads of flowers that immediately regrow them for more fun and running wildly back and forth across my disappearing grass (FYI, grass wears down more if you run across it; are you surprised *eyebrows twitch insanely*), which will ALSO immediately regrow so I can kill it again!!^^



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